Beekeeping Course 1

Beekeeping Course

Half-day taster

For those that have an interest in bees and are keen to find out more about this fascinating social insect.  Come and get close up to the bees and take the opportunity to have all those questions you didn’t know who to ask answered by an experienced beekeeper.

Introduction – This half day course is designed to give you a basic introduction to keeping bees.  It will provide you with an insight into beekeeping and what it entails, including a practical demonstration in the Apiary with our bees.

The Course – This is a combination of theory, practice and demonstration with opportunities to ask questions throughout.

After each course you will go away with a comprehensive set of notes and guidance and be able to contact us or more help should you need it.



Part 1 – An introduction to beekeeping and the life of a honeybee

Part 2 – A visit to the apiary to see the bees up close and personal


Equipment – We will provide all protective beekeeping equipment that is required on this course, including gloves and tops, but you should wear a long sleeve top, trousers (not too flimsy!) and wellies or stout shoes with socks you can tuck your trousers into.

Price – £50 per adult (£35 children under 16 when accompanied by a paying adult), including refreshments & a choice of fresh, home baked cakes and biscuits!

Time – 12:00 – 4pm

Maximum No. of Students – 6

Location – A J Apiaries, The Lilacs, Dundraw, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 0DP.

Please note that whilst we do our best to ensure that you do not get stung if you are aware that you have a severe allergic reaction to bee stings these courses are not for you as they all involve working with live bees.


Terms & Conditions of Booking Courses


Bookings for our courses are non-refundable and non-transferable.  However, if you let us know that you are unable to attend, we will do our utmost best to resell your place(s).  In the event that we are successful, we will refund you the cost of your place, less an administration fee of 20% per place.  We require a minimum of 7 days notice for all cancellations.

In the event of there being fewer than four people on any one course, we reserve the right to cancel the course in which case a full refund of the course fees will be provided, but we cannot be held responsible for any other expenses incurred in advance of the course.  We will do our utmost best to arrange an alternative date for you.

Our beekeeping courses can only take place with fair weather conditions – the bees do not enjoy being manipulated during inclement weather and the likelihood of them sharing their stingers with course participants increases dramatically!  If it is necessary to cancel a course due to the weather then we will either refund you the full cost of your place or attempt to arrange an alternative date for you.