Slöjd Knife (Federal Blue over Wildflower)


  • Hand forged slöjd knife
  • 66mm blade length
  • Hollow ground
  • Hand sharpened and honed razor sharp
  • 12-sided ash handle
  • Milk paint, linseed and beeswax finish
  • Woven bark sheath
  • Available immediately



Never lose your knife in the shavings again…

Hand forged slöjd knife.

I use high quality tool steel for these blades and depending on the batch being worked could be forged from O1, 52100, 15N20 or 1080 – all precision kiln heat treated by both temperature and time to ensure a fair balance between sharpness and edge retention.  The vast majority of this particular batch are from 80CrV2, a high carbon tool steel with excellent toughness.  Some of the shorter blades are from 52100 bearing steel.

They come flat over hollow at a 25 degree bevel angle for ease of sharpening and are hand honed and polished to a razor-sharp edge using Japanese Waterstones and will arrive with a thin coating of Camelia oil to protect the blade in transit.

They have long tangs that are first burned into a pre-drilled pilot hole in the handle before being removed and then firmly but not permanently set with low melt adhesive.  This provides the opportunity to change the handle easily in the future if required.

They have a generous amount of distal taper from the handle to the tip of the blade and are equally happy with both roughing and finishing cuts.  They are very fine tipped making them excellent for tight curves but any amount of prying or twisting at the tip will leave you with a slightly shorter blade and some time at your preferred sharpening station!

All have ash handles that are 125mm long and multi-faceted (12 sides) – all are rough sanded before being finished with multiple coats of milk paint, leaving a beautifully smooth handle that still retains evidence of the ash grain before being treated to a raw linseed oil finish.

They are shipped with a traditional and functional woven bark slip sheath – this batch will all be birch.

Blade length – 66mm.

This knife is available for shipping immediately.

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