Wooden Spreaders

Wooden spreaders are an extremely satisfying alternative to a conventional knife for spreading all sorts of sweet or savoury condiments onto breads and crackers. Inspired by traditional Scandinavian Smörkniv, or butter knives, found in their numbers in probably all homes in Scandinavia – to the extent that many families have individual Smörkniv for different family members or different designs for spreading different types of breads or different condiments. I generally make my spreaders from any species of timber that has a nice straight grain and can be radially split to produce many spreader blanks – my favourites would have to be birch, ash and cherry. I normally have some plain spreaders in all designs in stock but can also carve these to order quite quickly, whereas the coloured spreaders take a little longer for the oil paint to dry properly.  These spreaders are particularly good for teaching young children how to spread and many sales have been made to childminders for exactly this reason.  They are a safe way of introducing very young children to knives.

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