Coloured Spreader


Curved handle wooden butter knife or Smörkniv.

Traditional Scandinavian inspired design.

Finished with artists oil paint and food grade linseed oil.

Current stock all from sustainably sourced British ash or Birch.



Curved wooden spreader that is absolutely perfect for spreading butter or margarine onto bread, toast and crackers.  This one is also particularly useful for reaching into the bottom of jam and marmalade jars, or marshmallow ‘fluff’ and chocolate spread jars!  They are finished with bright, colourful handles using artists oil paint and the blades, or spready bits, are finished with food grade sun bleached raw linseed oil.  Like all wooden utensils, these should be washed by hand in warm soapy water and allowed to dry naturally – they should never make their way into a dishwasher.  The coloured handles will wear and mellow beautifully over time so don’t be concerned if at first some colour rubs off on your hands, this is perfectly normal and to be expected.  Generally I will send whatever colours I have in stock but if you want a specific one then please let me know with your order.  I can make these to order, but with a turn around time of a couple of weeks to allow the paint and oil to cure properly.


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