Spalted Willow Spreader


Delicate wooden butter knife or Smörkniv.

Traditional Scandinavian inspired design.

Finished with food grade linseed oil.

Made from sustainbly sourced British spalted willow.



Delicate wooden spreader that is absolutely perfect for spreading butter or margarine onto bread, toast and crackers.  I think this one is ideal for applying jam and cream to a scone to accompany a nice cup of tea or coffee.  Like all wooden utensils, these should be washed by hand in warm soapy water and allowed to dry naturally – they should never make their way into a dishwasher.  The spreader will develop a lovely patina over time as it is used and will become more beautiful with age.  It may benefit from an annual rub over with a food safe curing oil such as linseed or walnut oil – although not the walnut if you have a nut allergy!  These are hand carved from sustainably sourced willow that has become beautifully spalted, a natural process where funghi begin to break down the timber.  Some people call the wavy dark lines of spalting ‘fairy writing’.  Spalted wood should be seen as quite a rarity as it can be quite a find to catch the timber at just the right moment when the wood is still useable before the natural decomposition has taken hold too strongly.


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