Twig or Coppice Drawing Pencil


Twig or Coppice pencil

– One individual drawing or writing pencil

– Either hazel or willow

– 140mm approximate length

– Variable thickness

– 4mm lead diameter


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Handmade twig or coppice drawing pencil, made from locally sourced materials.  I generally only use hazel or willow for these pencils as these can be readily found and foraged from the hedgerow and if cut carefully will actually be doing the parent plant a service – I am in effect coppicing the materials I use for these pencils.

I do sometimes find particularly unusual, strange or odd twigs from other trees that make for eye-catching and unique pencils – these sets will be listed in my shop individually.  They may include twigs with funky moss or lichens on them, or thorns and spikes, or just be randomly and oddly shaped rather than straight.

Whilst the lead core does not go right the way through the twig (because of the impossibility of drilling such a long hole through a variable straightness of twig!) – there is a generous plug of lead that should last a good while before the pencil is rendered back to just being a twig again.

The length of the pencils is approximately 140mm although the width will obviously vary throughout the length of material I am using.  The lead core is approximately 4mm in diameter.


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